Magic Brush Set Of 3

  •                              The Original Magic Brush

    Set Of 3 Versatile Grooming Brushes That Are Virtually Indestructible !!

    • Structure and shape of bristles remove dried on mud efficiently and comfortably for the the horse.
    • Soft enough for delicate areas such as hoof, joints and legs, frog etcGreat for shampooing and top side can be used as sweat scraper 
    • Cleanses
    • Massages
    • Grooms
    • Ideal for use with cases of moulting
    • Removes horse hair and dirt effortlessly from riding clothes, saddle cloths and riding boots


    Radiant cleanliness!

    The special MagicBrush bristles remove dried sweat, mud and dirt easily and quickly.


    Your horse will feel so clean and happy!

    Your Magic Brush will massage your horse while you clean it. Your horse will feel really comfortable and satisfied.


    MagicBrush cleans hooves, legs and your horse's coat!

    The special bristles of the MagicBrush also protect joints and bones. In addition, your MagicBrush is also great for maintaining the coat during moulting and is ideal for using with shampoo. Your MagicBrush is suitable for use with every kind of horse hair.


    MagicBrush ensures clean clothes, boots and saddle pads!

    With your MagicBrush you can also make your riding wear and your saddlecloth free from horse hair and dirt and very easily give them a thorough clean. You can also use your MagicBrush to make your riding boots become spotlessly clean once again!


    MagicBrush has naturally been made in the EU.

    Horses groomed by MagicBrush feel really good!

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