Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and many other furry friends! Designed to remove dead hair, dirt and other nasties from your pet's coat with total ease and complete comfort for your pet.

Wide and shallow ensuring that it will not penetrate your pets skin and will not clog up and break the hair, protecting the all important guard hairs.

With no pressure needed your pet will not feel any discomfort and likely enjoy the experience.


Why your Pet is Going To Love It

  • The innovative comb is designed to be shallow and gentle
  • It won’t break the hairs or damage the coat
  • Yes, that includes double coated breeds, before you ask!
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin. In fact, pets love the gentle, satisfying scratching
  • Regular #GroomiGrooms reduce shedding and make for a clean coat and reduced itching - animals are happier in a shinier healthier coat!
  • Reduce shedding by up to 95% - clean as a whistle!

Made from partly recycled plastic and with an added grip for comfort.

Unlike any other product on the market the combs can be replaced when dull. Simply use the end of the new comb to undo the quick release screw and replace in the same way using the old comb!


The comb itself is made from stainless steel ensuring it will not rust when left outside or in damp conditions.

Spare blades/Combs also available

Groomi Shedding Tool

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